Pro-Tech 8: B.O.S.S. Lightweight Extrication-Rope Glove
Your best offensive safety solution. For technical rescue, extrication, clean-up, and so many utility applications.

An extremely durable, versatile, hybrid extrication glove for the fire fighter who does more
Lightweight, flexible, comfortable. Improves protection, reduces stress and fatigue
Uses a variety of silicone-coated Kevlar fabrics and other functional synthetics, ergonimically placed to maximize protection and performance
Strategically reinforced in high wear areas with silicone-coated Level 3 cut-resistant Kevlar®
Superior construction maximizes flexibility, dexterity, grip, and comfort; extends wear life
Designed by professionals, for professionals
More cost-effective. Because it lets you do more. From fast-moving technical rescue and extrication operations to the clean-up afterwards. These
comfortable, flexible, lightweight gloves are designed to work hard—and provide real protection—in a wide variety of demanding and dangerous
operations…or routine, but hazardous jobs. And because the Pro-Tech 8 B.O.S.S can do the work of both extrication and roping gloves in all but the
most hazardous situations, it could reduce your need for more heavily protective—and more expensive—single purpose gloves.

Superior protection, enhanced grip, better control. Reinforced Kevlar fabric pads of different textures and shapes are precisely placed to prevent cuts
and punctures in critical areas, yet still allow excellent flexibility, dexterity, and control. Heavily textured high-grip Level 3 cut-resistant Kevlar patches on
the inner thumb and index finger provide a superior grip and maximum protection where it’s needed most. Lightly textured silicone-coated Level 3 cut
resistant Kevlar patches on the palm and fingertips combine a high level of abrasion resistance with a very controllable grip. The fourchettes (inner
finger sidewalls) use soft, ultra-flexible knit Kevlar to provide excellent cut protection without sacrificing dexterity in this critical area. These, and other
carefully engineered materials and construction features, all work together to protect against cuts and abrasion…while enhancing grip and control. And
because it’s so light, flexible, and comfortable, The Pro-Tech 8 B.O.S.S can effectively reduce hand fatigue and stress during critical rescue and roping
operations, and over longer periods of wear. So you stay more focused on the task at hand, more efficient, and ultimately a lot safer.