Pro-Tech 8: B.O.S.S. High-Heat Utility Glove
Extremely cut-resistant, ultra-high heat-resistant. Thin, lightweight, comfortable, hybrid utility gloves for the firefighter, utility worker, or mechanic.

An ideal, cost-effective glove for auto extrication, clean-up, and so many hazardous utility applications.
High-wear gripping areas are strategically reinforced with silicone-coated Level 3 cut-resistant Kevlar® that can withstand 1000° F. for 20 sec.
Multiple layers and types of cut-resistant FR Kevlar make these versatile utility gloves unmatched for protection, comfort, and dexterity
Superior construction maximizes flexibility, dexterity, grip, and comfort; extends wear life, reduces stress and fatigue
Convenient Carabiner Hole, reinforced with sturdy synthetic leather and double stitching. No loops, grommets, rings, or hardware…to catch,
corrode, or get hot
Breathable, water-resistant stretch nylon on glove back for increased flexibility and comfort
Your Best Offensive Safety Solution. Save your expensive Structural gloves for the calls that require them. The ProTech8 B.O.S.S. High-Heat
Utility Glove can provide the protection, dexterity, and comfort you need to safely handle dangerous equipment or machinery that may be sharp,
wet, or extremely hot—at a very low cost. Like B.O.S.S. Lightweight Extrication Gloves, these comfortable, flexible, lightweight utility gloves are
designed to work hard—and provide serious protection—in a wide range of demanding and dangerous operations. From auto extrication when
hot engine parts create a hazard, to fire-scene clean-up…and a long list of industrial and public safety uses. The ProTech8 B.O.S.S. High-Heat
Utility Glove is ideal for fire-scene clean-up, rolling hoses, and auto extrication. They offer comfortable protection for tow truck operators, vehicle
mechanics, race car pit crews, metal workers, factory workers, landscapers, roofers, or wherever extremely hot or sharp objects and machinery
present real hazards. And because they can do the work of a variety of protective and utility gloves, they can effectively reduce wear and tear
on your more expensive structural and other single purpose gloves.